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There is no doubt about it: food is an art. While we agree 100% that taste is the ultimate result of any cuisine, presentation and service play an equal part. Big Al’s Pizza has been baking for the good people of Littlerock, CA for 18 years. We have been devoted for over a decade to giving you great service, efficiency and incredible food, and we certainly do not plan to stop any time soon!

Perhaps you are a person who likes to coat their pizza with nothing but a thick layer of cheese, baked to gooey perfection. Perhaps you prefer to pack your pizza with pepperoni and sausage. Maybe you are an individual who coats your slices with crunchy bacon bits and crescents of plump ham.

No need to worry! We have something for everyone! All tastes are welcome at Big Al’s Pizza. We are here to help each and every one of you, so take advantage of all our great daily specials!

Also try our 28 inch pizzas, a challenge to every serious pizza consumer! You may even want to consider our amazing calzones, which are cooked to golden flawlessness and served fresh and steaming. Our Calzone house specialty will cater to your taste buds and bring a smile to your face!

Our pizza is our specialty. We offer numerous ingredients that can be selected by you and prepared according to your individual liking and preference. We accept all palates and work on a daily basis to exceed the expectations of every customer who walks through our door!

Every pizza order we take also has the option of delivery. We want to make sure your food is timely as well as scrumptious! Our pizza delivery team is prompt and dedicated to getting your food to you when you need it.

We want to talk to you! Walk in now to consider all the delicious options Big Al’s Pizza has to offer!