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About Big Al’s Pizza

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Big Al’s Pizza has been family owned and operated since 1996. We have spent over a decade tossing flour, kneading dough and experimenting with only the finest ingredients Littlerock, CA has to offer!

We are well aware that there may be some negative connotations associated with the term ‘family-owned.’ Many people think of a small place with inferior food and unexceptional service, held up only by the loyal support of the locals. However, we assure all our customers that the fact that Big Al’s Pizza is family-owned does not weaken its service quality at all. It just means that we are a close-knit group who is dedicated to getting to know our customers on a personal level.

Our mission is, quite simply, to make you the best pizza, although not just any pizza. We strive for quality pizza, made with the best fixings and delivered with the finest customer service Littlerock can muster.

Our food is not just a meal. It is an experience and we make sure that it is a good one. We provide excellent delivery services, catering and a wide variety of foods. Pizza is surely our passion, but it is followed closely by our scrumptious Italian fare and exceptional Mexican cuisine.

So make sure you get the best meal by contacting Big Al’s Pizza today!