The staff we have is dedicated to giving you the best food and service possible.

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Mexican Food

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Pizza | Big Al’s Pizza

There is no doubt about it: food is an art. While we agree 100% that taste is the ultimate result of any cuisine, presentation...

Mexican Food | Big Al’s Pizza

We recognize that pizza may not be the preferred dish of some of our Littlerock, CA friends, and that even one of our tasty...

Italian Restaurant | Big Al’s Pizza

The team at Big Al’s Pizza may be renowned for producing great pizza at affordable prices, but our ambition does not...

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The crew at Big Al’s Pizza is dedicated to making everything that comes out of the oven delicious and affordable. Our goal is to ensure that one bite is all it takes for you to fall in love. Once Big Al, always Big Al!

We service all our friends in Littlerock, CA. We offer catering, daily specials, and cover an eightmile radius in all our deliveries (we deliver pizza, Mexican food, and Italian food). All of our food is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, and we make pizzas to the liking and style of our customers.

Big Al’s Pizza is ready for anything, and we are prepared to cater to the preferences of every individual person who comes into our restaurant. We cook all our pizza crispy and offer many kinds: from thin crust, to Sicilian style pizza, to our scrumptious 28 inch pizzas, we guarantee deliciousness and quality with every bite!

We also schedule catering services for all occasions, preparing both Italian and Mexican food. No matter what event you are planning, you can be assured that Big Al’s Pizza will give you good food and outstanding service at a great price.

Pizza is our business, so let us make the best for you! Come on in today to try our delectable food options!